Uffculme School offers all its students a broad and balanced curriculum that:

  • promotes their spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development.
  • prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.
  • seeks to provides them with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated citizens.
  • introduces them to the best that has been thought and said; and
  • helps to engender an appreciation of human creativity and achievement.

The curriculum provides an outline of core knowledge and skills around which teachers seek to develop exciting and stimulating lessons to promote the development of students’ knowledge, understanding and skills.  The taught curriculum is just one element in the education of each student and we consciously allow time and space in the school day and in each week, term and year to range beyond the programmes of study for each subject.

  • Art

    Art and Design at Uffculme School is interesting, fun and enjoyable.

  • Design & Technology

    Design and Technology is a practical and valuable subject.

  • English

    English provides our students with the ability to access the best of what has been said and written. 

  • Food Preparation & Nutrition

    In Food Preparation and Nutrition, we want our students to have a passion for the subject and to be able to prepare a

  • Geography

    At Uffculme School, we consider ourselves to be one of the luckiest Geography departments in the country.

  • Health & Social Care

    Cambridge National in Health and Social Care introduces students to the specialist knowledge and skills needed to wo
  • History

    The study of History holds great importance for our students; helping them understand their place in the modern world

  • Information Technology

    Delivery of ICT at Uffculme School is through both dedicated lessons and cross-curricular provision.

  • Mathematics

    Maths is a subject that builds an essential toolkit of problem solving strategies. 

  • Media Studies

    “The media play a central role in contemporary society and culture.

  • Modern Languages

    Being able to communicate in another language is a life skill that plays an essential part in becoming a true global

  • Performing Arts: Drama

    Exciting, emotive and explorative.

  • Performing Arts: Music

    The music department is a thriving hub of musical development within the school, where students of all abilities are

  • Personal Development

    Whilst it is important to provide students with an excellent academic education, it is equally important that we equ
  • Physical Education

    The Physical Education curriculum aims to inspire all students to develop their competence and excel in a broad range

  • RE

    Young people face many challenges in the modern world; amongst these is learning to navigate the world of religion an

  • Science

    Science is the study of how the world around us, both living and non-living, is made and how it behaves.

  • Travel & Tourism

    Travel & Tourism enables students to develop a wide range of skills including ICT/typing, research on the interne