27th April 2022

Free Webinars for Parents and Carers



Book on any of these FREE webinars here: Free webinars from the Charlie Waller Trust 

The Charlie Waller Trust is running a series of live webinars for parents, carers and educators. They are all presented by mental health trainers, speakers and guest speakers who come from a wide range of professions, including education, psychology, social work, youth work, public health, psychotherapy and nursing. Topics include 'The Teen Brain', 'Sleep' and 'Perfectionism'. 

The webinars explore strategies for maintaining positive mental health, paying attention to our own wellbeing and supporting those around us. 

Please note, each webinar will be delivered twice across the month and be approximately 90 minutes in length. 

Upcoming webinars 


Why sleeping well matters and what you can do to improve it! - Christine Curle 

Is it really true that we can cut sleep and get away with it? And what if it’s a struggle to get to sleep? During this webinar, Christine will explain why sleep matters to our young people's physical and mental health and what is happening in the body and mind when you sleep. She will suggest some ideas and habits to build to improve the quality of your sleep and your children’s sleep. 

12.00  Wednesday 4th May 2022  

18:00  Wednesday 25th May 2022 

Loneliness: How to Support Young People - Alex Cochrane 

It’s normal to feel lonely sometimes. However, now with the COVID-19 pandemic isolating young people perhaps more than ever before, if it looks and feels like these feelings are taking over in young people, we want to be there. As parents, carers and educators we want to be able to recognise the signs, and this presentation will help us to have a better understanding of loneliness. 

12.00  Tuesday 10th May 2022 

18.00  Tuesday 17th May 2022 



Perfectionism in Young People: Practical Tips for Parents, Carers and Staff - Jenny Langley 

During this webinar, Jenny will support participants to understand what resilience is and its place in perfectionism. She will look at how to support our young people to tolerate failure. Jenny offers a toolbox of simple and practical, evidence-based skills which includes advice on how to role-model our learning from our mistakes and making a “good enough” effort a healthy approach to have. 

12:00  Friday 10th June 2022 

18:00  Wednesday 29th June 2022   

County Lines and Safeguarding: The Teen Brain, Crime and Gangs - Alex Cochrane and Debbie Spens 

This presentation is for parents, carers, educators and anyone working with young people to gain a better understanding of gangs and crime. You will learn how to recognise the signs of exploitation and to support young people at risk of being drawn into crime and being potentially targeted and exploited. We will look at the impact of crime on people’s mental health and on our communities at large. We look at risk, safeguarding and understanding the different stages of young people’s brain development in relation to criminal activity. 

12.00  Wednesday 15th June 2022 

18.00  Tuesday 28th June 2022