Work Experience

Before organising your work experience, please think carefully about:

  1. All placements must have Employer’s Liability Insurance and Public Liability Insurance.
  2. What area of the workplace you are interested in i.e. agriculture, retail, animals etc.
  3. Where you can travel to i.e. Taunton, Exeter, Tiverton etc, remembering that in most cases you will not be working school hours.
  4. Where will you get a valuable experience of working conditions?
  5. Some businesses will put together interesting timetables but other businesses are limited in the activities that they will be able to offer students.
  6. Who will you be working with – it is not advisable to be working with only one adult.
  7. Most other schools have the same work experience week as us, therefore, there is a lot of competition for the placements that are available, especially placements like vets and specialist businesses like graphic designers etc.
  8. All placements will have to pass a Health and Safety check by Sally Trump - Careers Plus.

Important documents