House News

The House System has been running at Uffculme School for decades and is an integral part of the identity and community of the school. There are four houses: Bridwell, Craddock, Gaddon and Yondercott, all of whom compete against each other for the prestigious House Cup each year.

All students and staff belong to a house during their time at Uffculme School. It is a unique opportunity of belonging in a bigger picture that extends beyond individual performance or success. Much like being a member of a family which has a diverse range of ages and talents.

A wide variety of subjects offer up a multitude of contests, events, quizzes, competitions and activities for all to participate in each year. It is vitally important that opportunities are available for all abilities and aptitudes to succeed in; as well as those times when we are pushed beyond our comfort zone. Around half of the house points each year are accumulated through credits and weekly awards to reflect the value of working hard and excelling in day to day life at school. It is about taking risks, having fun and making memories here at Uffculme School.

Total Standings 2019-2020

  • CRADDOCK: 29719
  • GADDON: 29672
  • BRIDWELL: 28038
  • YONDERCOTT: 27671

House Captains 2020/21

Leaders of each house are as follows:
  • BRIDWELL: Josh Aldridge, Cameron MacDonald, Lily Harding, Josh Smith, Issy Hart, Will Don, Jess Swanston
  • CRADDOCK: Riley Evans, Isla Chaplin, Joe McQueenie, Seren Leslie, Ellie Griffin, Esmee Batchelor, Wilf Arrowsmith, Daisy Jackson
  • GADDON: Adrian Nnolim, Summer Whiting, Arthur Steele, Freya Norman, Henry Newton, Katie Bainbridge, Ben Leggott, Emily Adcock. 
  • YONDERCOTT: Joe Knott, Niamh Murray, Reuben Ross-White, Bethan Parker, Aubrey Cork, Keira Coombes, Harrison Hine, Molly Alcroft