Careers Guidance

Careers Guidance helps individuals to investigate opportunities and make choices which are both realistic and ambitious. 

In preparing young people for the opportunities, experiences and responsibilities of adult life, our aim is to promote:

  • Self-Awareness:  The ability to make realistic assessments of personal strengths and weaknesses; to build self confidence in students and their ability to relate effectively to other people.
  • Career Exploration:  Facilitating a clear and informed understanding of possible career routes, allowing realistic decisions to be made, based on accurate information.
  • Opportunity Awareness:  Developing an understanding of life style choices, the potential need for further training and on-going education; an introduction to the issues involved in a rapidly changing society, including the ability to cope with these transitions in later life.
  • Career Management Skills:  Enabling students to plan decisions about Key Stage 4 or Post-16 Options with the confidence to use a range of careers resources for information and guidance, thus enabling them to make successful transitions.
  • To meet the Gatsby Benchmarks – a series of benchmarks that set out best practice in the provision of careers guidance activities.

We want to prepare our students for life after school, so that when they leave school after Year 11 they do so with confidence and optimism in their chosen next steps.

To achieve these aims:
  • Provide a stable Careers programme throughout the school that is understood by students, parents, teachers, governors and employers.
  • Provide good quality information about future study options and labour market opportunities.
  • Evaluate the needs of the individual student and offer careers guidance.
  • Link the PD curriculum to learning about careers.
  • Provide encounters with employers through enrichment activities.
  • Provide experience of workplace in the Year 10 work experience programme.
  • Provide encounters with further/higher education. Target groups: Aspire and Disadvantaged.
  • Provide guidance, with all students having continued access to careers advisor during their time in school. No set limit on individual contact.
  • To ensure all students have a Post 16 plan in education and training.

Our Programme

In line with the Gatsby Benchmarks, Uffculme School delivers a structured programme of careers education and work related learning to all students from Year 8 to 11.  This programme is delivered by individuals with the right skills and experiences, from a wide variety of providers both internal and external to the school. 

Year 8
  • Aspirations.
  • Looking towards the future.
Year 9
  • Careers linked to subjects (via GCSE options lessons).
  • Aspirations.
  • Careers Pilot.
  • Articulacy: Targeted students.
Year 10
  • Careers profile.
  • “E-Me” Mentoring Programme.
  • “Why-would you” HE Theatre production.
  • Work experience.
  • College taster visits and talks.
  • Post-16 careers fair.
Year 11
  • Personal Careers Interview (with School’s Careers Advisor).
  • Talks and presentations from Colleges and Apprenticeship providers.

The Careers Advisor is also available in school for events including ‘Post 16 Evening’, Year 9/10/11 Parents Evenings, Options Evening and on GCSE Results days.     

Careers Advice

Sally Trump is employed by Uffculme School as a Post-16 advisor; she is a member of the Careers Development Institute and has worked as a careers advisor for the last 14 years in a number of different schools and communities.

Sally is professionally qualified to QCF level 7 and holds the qualification in Careers Guidance as well as being on the register of Career Professionals.

Sally provides impartial, individual advice and guidance for all ages to all students, from one to one interviews, group work, option evenings, parents’ evenings and the annual School Post 16 evening.  She supports all students to engage in learning and work but also works with targeted groups of students who require more support and planning for Post 16 and attends reviews with the SEN department. Sally liaises with the Deputy Head (Attainment and Progress) to target provision for all students to provide appropriate advice and also engages with local employers and colleges to ensure advice and guidance is up–to-date.  Through this, Sally has developed an outstanding relationship with these organisations.

Careers South West have a statutory requirement to support students and attend reviews for SEN pupils.

To arrange an appointment with Sally, please email Mrs Alford on or Sally on

Careers Information

All Post-16 information is displayed in the area around the Careers Advisor’s office and in the Year 11 Art café.

Other Encounters with Employers

Throughout the year, we host outside speakers through a range of mechanisms, including assemblies and PD lessons. These events also have a strong focus on personal development and aspiration, including ex-students and local successful organisations.

To view the School's Provider Access Policy, please click here to go to the Policies page.

Recommended Resources

The Careers Information Area

We provide a full set of prospectuses covering all local FE colleges and many other specialised colleges. The Careers Coordinator is based in the office near the Careers resource area, and is available to assist students at break, lunch and tutor time.

Recommended Online Resources

The websites below are for students to access information on careers and employability skills:

CareerPilot This website provides information on the full range of choices available at 14, 16 and 18, including apprenticeships, college, higher level study, etc. The website has a number of tools that students can use to help them plan their careers and assess their employability skills. There is also a Parent Zone with answers to career related questions.

icould has excellent videos to inspire students, and a quiz based on Myers Briggs (the Buzz Quiz) to help students think about their personality and what type of career they might suit.

Success at School This website has helpful articles and sections about how to develop transferable skills, information about apprenticeships, advice from people in different industries, plus industry and sector information presented in an easy-to-digest format. 

Informed Choices Guide This is a Russell Group guide to making informed choices about post-16 Education. It is packed with useful information, and the “5 Point Plan” for making A Level choices is a good tool for clarifying your thoughts (see Page 52).