Student Council

Senior Council

The senior council is a group of Year 11s who are always available to listen and represent the students, working alongside teachers to ensure they have a voice. 

Well-being and looking after yourself is important - especially whilst being in and out of lockdown and we are always looking for ways to develop and ensure Uffculme School supports the students in the ways needed. 

This year, we are hoping to consider important issues about inclusion, equality and diversity such as the BLM movement. 

We also want to try our best to create as many opportunities as possible to maintain the culture and ethos of the school, despite having some restrictions in place due to Covid-19. 

If students have any suggestions or queries, they are encouraged to email the Head Girl, Izzy Hague and/or Head Boy, Sam Persy. 

Student Council

Years 7-10 are represented by their own student councils who have been elected following an application process. The groups meet regularly (sometimes via team calls) and have their own individual area to work on, for example teaching and learning, the environment or school provisions. The councils work closely with their Head of Year and year group to represent the voice of many. 

In addition to the student councillors, there are also students who act as Anti-bullying Ambassadors, helping to ensure the school remains a safe and respectful place to be. 

Exciting news is that we are introducing Mental Health Ambassadors this year. Watch this space!

Student councillors are identified by their green ties and senior councillors wear maroon.