Specialist Status

The specialist schools programme was a UK government initiative which encouraged secondary schools in England to specialise in certain areas of the curriculum in order to raise achievement and develop areas of expertise. 

To apply for specialist school status, a school must demonstrate reasonable standards of achievement, and produce a development plan with quantified targets related to specific learning outcomes.

In 2005, Uffculme School was designated a Specialist School for Mathematics and Computing.  Then in 2008, when the school was designated a High Performing Specialist School, it was invited to take on a second specialism in another field.  The following year the school was awarded designated a specialist school in Applied Learning.

Specialist Status - Mathematics and Computing

Uffculme is one of only a few schools in the country specialising in Mathematics and Computing.  Mathematics and Computing Schools were introduced in England in 2002 as part of the Government's Specialist Schools Programme and were designed to not only raise standards in education but to become centres of excellence in the region.

Through this specialism we have developed our curriculum so that it is mathematically and ICT-rich, supporting each student to develop the mathematical and technological skills needed to progress into employment, further and higher education according to their individual abilities, aptitudes and ambitions.  It has also enabled us to draw on the latest technologies to support teaching and learning across the whole school curriculum.

As a Maths & Computing School, Uffculme has played a leading role is the Government’s STEM programmes to equip young people to be scientists, engineers, technologists and mathematicians of the future.

Specialist Status - Applied Learning

Applied Learning is a style of learning that equips and prepares people for life, learning and employment. It is an integral part of most study programmes run by further and higher institutions as well as playing a key role in the training programmes of many professions, including the medical, legal and teaching professions.

Applied Learning provides students with ‘Relevant, Engaging Active Learning’ (REAL) opportunities from which they can build their knowledge and understanding of the world in which they live, and so develop the essential skills to be successful in it.

Building on the strong ethos and the high standards that are the foundations of Uffculme School, the Applied Learning specialism has supported us to transform teaching and learning to better engage students, build their knowledge and understanding of the world in which we live, and develop the essential skills they will need for life in the 21st Century.

The Applied Learning specialism also supports us to personalise our curriculum so that the needs of all students can be met and each one equipped and prepared for success in the future.  Ongoing individual advice and guidance for students through our Personal Development programme as well as our Careers Advice Service support each student to not only make appropriate choices at each stage of their education but also to challenge and encourage them to reach their full potential in all they do.