Parents' Evenings

Parents' Evening Schedule 2020-2021

Autumn Term 2020

  • Yr8 Parents' Evening (Subject Based B Band) - 5th November (to be held virtually)
  • Yr8 Parents' Evening (Subject Based R Band) - 11th November (to be held virtually)
  • All Years - Tutor Evening - 1st December

Spring Term 2021

  • Yr9 Parents Evening (Compulsory Subjects) - 4th February
  • Yr10 Parents Evening (Subject Based) - 9th February
  • Yr7 Introduction to KS3 Evening - 4th March
  • Yr9 Parents Evening (Option Subjects Only) - 17th March
  • Yr11 Parents Evening (Subject Based) - 25th March

Summer Term 2021

  • Yr7 Parents Evening (Subject Based R Band) - 29th April 
  • Yr7 Parents Evening (Subject Based B Band) - 4th May
  • Presentation Evening - 12th July

Please note, this year Parents' Evenings may have to be held virtually, depending on the guidance from the DfE at the time of the meeting. For a guide on how to conduct the virtual appointments, please click here.

For most evenings parents will need to make appointments with the staff they want to see - you will receive booking information in advance of these.  

An instruction booklet providing guidance on how to use the Online Booking System is available to view or download here. 

When bookings are open, please click here to go to the Parents' Evening Booking system. 

Appointments can be amended via a link from the email confirmation - please ensure your email address is correct.