15th March 2018

Uffculme’s Amazing Science Week

By Tom and Nick

National Science Week is from the 9th to 18th of March. This is an exciting week where most schools in the UK have that week to create something incredible from a certain category- this year Uffculme School created outstanding wind turbines!

All Key Stage 3 classes have been given a challenge… To create a functioning wind turbine! All the brilliant designs have triumphed in their test- to lift a foam cup (with a ball of clay inside) off the floor and lift the cup until it becomes level with the top of the desk. These ingenious turbines were powered by a hair drier on the lowest power function. Each turbine was created uniquely, varying hugely in many different ways.

Some students went for the approach of using foam propellers, others used card… The difference in their designs were endless! However, one outstanding turbine that caught everyone’s eye-was the use of layering card over the edge of plastic spoon heads - a marvellous idea! There will be a competition in each class, and this design will definitely be a contender for 1st place.

To understand why Uffculme School have decided to choose wind turbines, we interviewed a teacher in the science department, Mrs Reed. We asked her why and she responded, “We chose the wind turbine challenge as we wanted to make the challenge simple and engaging. Wind turbines also link to renewable energy, that’s a big topic of conversation in the press right now”.  

Mrs Reed was also asked why science week is so important to her, and she responded, “It is a great opportunity for children- in primary or secondary school- to get engaged in a science project and the reason behind that why there is a week dedicated to STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) to encourage children to go into those careers when they are older”. This is immensely important seeing as there is a huge shortage in those kind of jobs at the moment, so it would be incredibly helpful if we had more people to fill in the gaps.

Overall, Science Week at Uffculme is a week of compassion, creativity and most of all… fun! This week allows students to create whatever they please and it can have a use in real life. Students are also taught about the issues regarding energy in the world and potentially how to solve them. We can all agree this is one of the most important and valuable times of year at our school - particularly if by taking part in this incredible week, we can help the world in the future.