15th March 2018


- Lottie and Amy

Here at Uffculme - like any other school - sport is compulsory. But students here choose and are strongly encouraged to go above and beyond to get involved in all the various, physically challenging extra-curricular sports clubs that Uffculme provides. They develop specific skill sets that could get them higher levels in PE class, interested in competitive clubs and recognised enough to proudly represent our school in games and tournaments.

There is a vast array of challenging clubs and most of these are intense training sessions that result in teams and games played against rival schools. However, not everything is about competition and winning. Uffculme offers a variety of clubs that are merely for enjoyment and entertainment, such as: trampolining, badminton, fitness club and more. There is also the very popular Dance Club which puts on an outstanding annual production. Open to everybody, these clubs accept people of all abilities.

Uffculme is rightly-renowned for its vicious drive when it comes to competitions. This year, Uffculme has been bathed in a wealth of success in a range of different sports: making a tremendous splash, Uffculme won ( for the second year running) the junior swimming gala, the Yr 9 hockey girls tackled the challenges that faced them at the Devon finals and Under 16 Girls Basketball ‘dunked’ their way through to the National Girls Basketball League.

However, by far the most amazing accomplishment this year would be the Yr 10 Boys Rugby that tried and tackled their way to the quarter finals of the National Cup! When interviewed about the success of the team, assistant coach (Mr Heard) said, “It’s the furthest we’ve ever got as a school…I think they were successful because they have all been so committed since the start of Yr7. Also, I think it is the fact that we have 25 committed players so when someone gets injured someone of equal standard can replace them.”

Harrison captained the incredible team almost to victory. They battled bravely at the quarter finals but were unfortunately defeated by Beechim Cliff at the Premiership Bath Grounds, 36-14. The winners of the tournament (who were Beechim Cliff) won against the runners-up (36-14) so you can clearly see that there is little difference between the runners-up and our amazing squad.