15th March 2018

Stephen Hawking: Inspiring, Innovative & Ingenious!

“Stephen Hawking is regarded as one of the most brilliant, theoretical physicists of all time. His pioneering research and extraordinary astronomical observations have help to develop understanding of the deepest mysteries of the Universe”. (Extract taken from a display of Steven Hawking at Uffculme School).

Stephen Hawking was born on 8th January 1942 in Oxford, England. When he was twenty-one years old, whilst studying at Cambridge University, he was diagnosed with a rare form of multiple sclerosis that causes weakness of either lower or upper motor neurons or both. It can also cause brain degeneration and even dementia. Several other symptoms are, depression, numbness, vision issues, bladder issues, memory loss, muscle spasms and vertigo. Over time he began to physically deteriorate until he was eventually paralysed.

However this only slightly hindered him: in 1988 he published A Brief History of Time, (one of fifteen books he wrote/co-wrote. This book and his theories had a huge impact on, not only scientists but regular people too. Mr Foster, a physics teacher at Uffculme School, was fortunate enough to read it when it was first published and said it was a, “really important seminar work for me to read that and see that there were opinions out there on how the universe began; where it’s going and all the points in between.” Even now Steven Hawking continues to inspire people, Alex (Year 9 student) said, “we understand so much since his discoveries,” and, “His discoveries make me want to do something like that”.

His theories on the emission of radiation from black holes was never awarded a Nobel Prize – as it was never proved by astronomers or other physicists – however it was still a ground-breaking discovery which, as previously mentioned, has shaped our view of the universe.

Despite all of this, Stephen Hawking was just as an amazing person as well as scientist. When he was diagnosed he was given approximately two years to live – he was on his death bed for over fifty years and still accomplished all he did. He does not only inspire scientists but anyone who feels they cannot do something because of a disability, hindrance or burden in their life – he is scientific proof that no matter what, anything is achievable! “Very, very amazing person and the world is worse off without him”, Mr Beach, ICT teacher at Uffculme School.

Steven Hawking, a “father of modern physics”, will be sorely missed, however he should be remembered by his life and legacy because he was a truly, inspiring, innovative and ingenious man.


Written by Ella & Milly