16th June 2020

School Garden Update - Pond Rescue!

In the recent hot weather the School Garden has been receiving some TLC to keep it looking lovely!

Regardless of the current situation, our gardens keep on growing! On the Wednesday of the Spring half-term, some of our staff and key worker students who were on site took on a spontaneous rescue project. Mrs Knight and the students decided to use the lovely weather to go to the garden and do some maintenance, including planting some seeds and doing some pond dipping. Whilst there, they noticed the pond was looking in rather desperate need of water! Unfortunately, they soon discovered that currently there isn't a long enough hosepipe to run from the taps to the outside area, so with the help of caretakers Steve and Aaron they managed to join a couple of hosepipes together. 

Then began a long process of filling up watering cans and buckets to transport the water to the pond... until William in Year 7 had a bright idea! He wondered if there was a way to create something that would carry the water straight to the pond instead of carrying it all? After a group effort of sourcing various equipment and materials and lots of inventive building work, they found a way to use old drainpipes to carry the water from the hosepipe to the pond - an inventive solution that saved a lot of heavy lifting - well done to you all and to William for his great idea! We are pleased to report that the water level is now looking very healthy, and should it drop again we now have an excellent solution.