24th April 2018

Recycling Stations Launched

Uffculme School launches new Recycling Stations!

Uffculme School have now introduced Recycling Stations in all food eating areas (this includes the outside picnic area, dining hall, kitchen and Art Café). At these points, we now have a General Waste bin, a Recycling bin and a Food Waste bin. We are trialling the food waste process in conjunction with Mid Devon District Council and have purchased the brand new Recycling bins from This effort is being supported by the school's student Eco Council, who will be holding assemblies in the near future to promote usage of the new Recycling Stations and to explain why recycling is so important.

In addition, all of our food packaging is now recyclable, plus we use Vegware for food trays and the use of polystyrene is being phased out. All sandwich packaging is recyclable. All classrooms and offices now have a Recycling bin, and cleaning staff also sort through these when emptying them to ensure everything is sorted correctly. We also have Compost bins in the school garden, used to create compost from food waste generated in the school Cookery rooms, which is then used on the school garden and the produce grown is in turn used by the school Kitchen or Cookery rooms.

In an ongoing effort to reduce the amount of plastic waste generated at School, we will also be installing ‘Refill Stations’ around the school site during the summer and encouraging children to bring in a re-usable bottle instead of buying bottled water/drinks.

All this means that we are very proudly a ‘Zero to Landfill’ site with all of our waste either being recycled, composted or sorted for conversion to energy.