Flexible Learning Centre

The Flexible Learning Centre has been established to provide the space and additional support some students need.

It provides a calm and purposeful learning environment. The aim is to provide support and resources for students who, from time to time, find working in classrooms difficult. Students requiring re-integration initially study in the Centre.  It also provides the opportunity for small group work to help combat disaffection.This supports students in achieving their academic and personal goals.  Teaching support is focused on individual need and school work can be adapted to match ability and learning style if needed.  The FLC is not a disciplinary area, ensuring students have a positive, constructive learning experience. All subject areas are supported.

The Centre is managed by Mrs Edworthy and line managed by Mr Lepper. 

Learning Styles

Students using the Flexible Learning Centre complete a short, basic survey about their learning  style.  Students may learn by listening (auditory), doing (kinaesthetic) &/or seeing (visual); often having a mixture of styles. A rounded learning experience is provided by developing skills in less developed areas within a ‘safe’, supportive environment.

School Refusers

The Flexible Learning Centre can provide a collaborative approach for School refusers along with parents and outside Agencies. This is achieved by a supported approach to reintroduction to mainstream education. 

Learning Mentoring

Mentoring is offered to students from years 10 and 11.  Its purpose is to give constructive support and guidance, encouraging students to reach their full potential. This is achieved by regular meetings which  target organizational, coping and study skills and exam preparation.   Progress is reviewed and strategies suggested which give support for coursework and revision skills. Students are able to discuss areas in which they feel they would benefit from additional support. 

Students develop self confidence through opportunities in which they can excel and succeed.

Dyslexia Support

Uffculme School has been awarded the Dyslexia Friendly Award at the enhanced level. The Flexible Learning Centre is managed by a specialist trained dyslexia teacher.  With support from subject teachers, consideration is given to multi sensory delivery of information from different subjects. Alternative recording methods, such as typing, can be tried out or practiced. Key Stage 4 students are encouraged to monitor their own progress in areas such as spelling, improving motivation. This also enhances awareness of learning as small steps towards an overall goal. Resources and word games are also used to reinforce letter sounds and patterns. Coloured overlays and  reading windows are also available. Skills of organization are developed and improved.

Additional Support

For some students, school can be tough.  In the Centre they are encouraged to develop skills to help them manage feelings and difficulties that arise. Some of these  issues may hinder learning. Issues  managed  include anger, anxiety or stress and  emotional  intelligence. Matters such as self esteem, motivation and attitude are considered and students develop improved social skills and expand their understanding of the need for rules and structure.

They are inspired to value themselves and others.