In Years 7, 8 & 9 we follow the National Curriculum.

Much emphasis is put on the use of critical and contextual studies - relating the work of artists or art movements to the work we are doing. Over the three years we try to incorporate a variety of skills and media, so that pupils increasingly gain confidence. Each project is developed through critical studies, preparation/ exploration and finally into a piece of 2D or 3D work. ICT is used for specific work when relevant. 

In Years 10 & 11 Art GCSE has proved a popular option. Work is project based and a strong emphasis is placed on critical/contextual studies.  We run after school sessions twice a week for pupils to further develop their GCSE work.

Curriculum and Qualifications

At KS3 the department follows the National Curriculum's programme of study.  Full details can be accessed from here.

At KS4 the department follows the Edexcel Art and Design Unendorsed 2AD01/02

The Specification can be found here.

If you require further information about the Art curriculum at KS3 or KS4 please