Young people face many challenges in the modern world; amongst these is learning to navigate the world of religion and belief.

RE can be a controversial subject in terms of the content covered; young people are seeking to understand the complex issues that are debated and to form their own opinions on these controversial matters. This is an academically demanding task. RE has been the school subject that has most equipped students for this task. RE provides students with the opportunity and skills to critically explore a range of both religious and non-religious world views and relate them to current affairs affecting young people’s lives today.        

Curriculum and Qualifications       

Key Stage 3

The KS3 curriculum at Uffculme School includes exploration of the following topics;

Year 7

'Where is God?' (an exploration of Theism, Atheism and Agnosticism), Hinduism, Buddhism, and Sikhism with a focus on beliefs, teachings and practices as well as expressions of these faiths in Britain today.

Year 8

In Year 8, we focus on building the foundations ready to begin the GCSE in Year 9; students will study Abrahamic religions, non-religious worldviews such as Humanism and a topic on Biblical literacy.

Key Stage 4

KS4 (GCSE): Students begin their GCSE in RE in Year 9 and sit the exam at the end of Year 10. Students study the AQA A religious education specification, details of which can be found by clicking here

The GCSE is split into two parts; 50% will focus on beliefs, teachings and practices from Christianity and Islam and 50% on thematic based study, where students will cover issues such as Religion and Life, Peace and Conflict, Crime and Punishment and Human Rights & Social Justice. The GCSE will be examined through two 1 hour 45 minute exams at the end of Year 10.


Students are set homework and independent study tasks through Class Charts. These tasks may involve preparation for assessments, consolidation of class learning or research based tasks. 

Extra Curricular Opportunities

There are a number of opportunities for students to get involved in extra curricular activities in the RE department, including:

  • Interfaith week
  • Philosophy club for Aspire students


If you require further information about the RE curriculum at KS3 or KS4, please contact Miss Guy, Head of Department, at