Covid Testing

September ‘Pre-Return to School’ Covid Testing

We are really looking forward to seeing all students return back to school next week.  In preparation for their return we are inviting all students to attend for a ‘Pre-Return to School’ Covid Test. 

Years 8 – 11

Please click on the appropriate link to access to book a testing slot for your son/daughter:

Year 8 - Click Here
Year 9 - Click Here
Year 10 - Click Here
Year 11 - Click Here


Year 7

Please click here to give your consent for your child to be tested, and then to book a test slot for them



When should my child take their Home Test?

Click here to view the Home Testing Schedule


How do I complete a Home Test (and process it)

See video - How to do a Covid-19 Home Test

Where do I need to record the results of my test

Please record your result in both places each time you take a test:

What should I do if my test is positive?

For information see the government website - Get a free PCR test to check if you have coronavirus - GOV.UK

What should I do if I have any questions?

Contact the school at