Covid Testing

Covid Testing

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Rules around testing and self-isolation from Monday 17 January 2022:


Please continue to test your child twice a week using LFTs. 

If your child has any of the ‘official’ Covid symptoms you must self-isolate and seek a PCR test as soon as possible to check whether it is Covid.

Your child must also self-isolate if they get a positive test result from an LFT.  (Note – in this case you DO NOT need to seek a PCR test.)



From Monday people who test positive will be able to leave self-isolation after 5 full days of self-isolation, provided they have had two negative LFT results, 24 hours apart.  (The day symptoms begin or you test positive is day zero. The next day is day one of your isolation period etc)  You can take your first test on day five. If it is negative, you can take another test 24 hours later, on day six.  Assuming this is also negative - and you do not have a temperature - you can immediately leave isolation.

You must remain in self-isolation until you have two consecutive daily LFTs…..OR you have completed 10 days of self-isolation.

When you have completed 10-days of self-isolation you should stop daily testing and return to normal activities provided:

you do not have any symptoms; 

or you just have a cough or changes to your sense of smell or taste – these can last for weeks after the infection has gone


If you have a high temperature after the 10 days, or are feeling unwell, keep self-isolating and seek medical advice.

What are the self-isolation rules for close contacts of people with Covid?

·         If you are fully vaccinated (two doses), you do not have to self-isolate, but should take daily LFTs for seven days (or until 10 days since your last contact, if this is earlier).

·         This also applies to people under the age of 18.

·         If any of the LFTs are positive, you'll need to self-isolate from the date of the test  (You don’t need to take a PCR test to confirm the result.)

·         Close contacts of positive cases who are not fully vaccinated still have to self-isolate for the full 10 days.