Duke of Edinburgh Award

Duke of Edinburgh Award
Bronxe Award Ceremony 2018

The Duke of Edinburgh Award is a nationally recognised personal development scheme. The Award is a non-competitive programme of activities encouraging young people to undertake exciting, constructive, challenging and enjoyable activities in their free time. Around 80 pupils a year achieve the initial Bronze award at Uffculme and some go on to the Silver programme during their time at school. The programme involves pupils in a community service activity, such as a recycling programme, as well as a team expedition on foot, bicycle, canoe or horseback. The scheme also aims to encourage students to pursue an individual skill and physical activity such as sports, dance, music, photography, computing or fitness.

The programme is run jointly in school by Miss Purrington and Mr Harbour who, along with many other members of staff support the students in their chosen challenges and on the expeditions.

It is important that the Volunteering, skill and physical activities are completed as soon as possible so that we can review and approve each activity. Please note that we require students to have completed 2 of these sections by 19th April 2019 in order to qualify for the training day and to continue onto the expedition section. This means that assessor’s reports must be uploaded by this date in order to be approved. With such high numbers of pupils signing up (over 100) and staff volunteering their own time to support them, I am sure you will understand that we need participants to be committed to the Award and we are unable to be flexible about the deadline.

We have listed planned training dates for the Bronze Award below and would ask all participants to prioritise this training. As it is a condition of the Award to attend training, your son/daughter will be unable to complete the expedition if they miss more than two training sessions (a note from parents will be required for any sessions missed). With 100 participants this year catch up sessions are not possible.


May 2019 - (exact date TBC)TRAINING DAY (this is an all-day event)

  •  Team building and the 20 conditions of the Award
  •  First Aid and Emergency procedures
  •  Equipment, rucksacks and packing
  •  Tents and camp craft
  •  Food, stoves and hygiene
  •  Maps and navigation

15th May 2019 - Route planning for the practice expedition

22nd May 2019 - Route planning for the practice expedition

5th June 2019 - Route planning for the practice expedition

26th June 2019 - Route planning (Final Expedition)

3rd July 2019 - Route planning (Final Expedition)

10th July 2019 - Route planning (Final Expedition)

The planned dates for the practice and assessment expeditions are as follows:

  •  Practice expedition (including overnight) on 8th/9th or 22nd/23rd June 2019.
  •  Assessed expedition (including overnight) on 14th/15th or 28th/29th September 2019.

Please keep these dates free. Students will organise their own teams after Easter and we will then confirm which of these dates your son/daughter will need to attend.

With organisation and commitment, we have no doubt your son/daughter will find the DofE Award challenging, fun and highly rewarding

If you have any questions with regards to the D of E programme at Uffculme, please e-mail the DofE team on: